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External blinds are not designed to endure heavy winds. We recommend blinds to be drawn and secured during heavy winds and storms. Consult your ZipScreen supplier for further details.

ZipScreen features a unique side adjustment which can help mitigate installation issues in unaligned/out of square areas. Contact your closest ZipScreen supplier for their measure and quote service.

We recommend regular cleaning (at least every 3 months) to ensure surfaces are free from dirt, dust and grime. Use a soft brush to clean the blind, paying particular attention along the side channels to prevent dust and dirt build. Aluminium extrusions can be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm soapy water or a small amount of mild detergent if required. Do not use any silicone or oil-based sprays as it can cause dirt and grime build up in the side guides and can damage certain fabrics.

The fastener is welded onto the fabric and fed into the side rails, allowing it to be securely guided up and down in operation. This unique fastening system provides the stability and protection needed in alfresco blinds.

Your external roller blinds can expand to a total area of 14 sqm. The maximum possible width is 5.8 metres and maximum drop is 4 metres. If your area is larger than this, please consult with a professional for further advice.

There are six standard colours available for the fittings: pure white, classic cream, natural anodised, black, woodland grey, and monument. The hardware can also be custom colour-matched to suit your existing outdoor decor. The shade cloth that blinds are made from is sold separately, so for a complete fabric selection please consult your supplier.

ZipScreen Extreme is best used in wider applications of up to 7metres in a single span without needing divider posts. It also can achieve drops of up to 5 metres, with the ability to cover a total area of 35 sqm.

The most common use is as outdoor patio blinds. They are easily installed on verandas, balconies and other outdoor entertaining areas, and even as pergola blinds. Increasingly ZipScreen is being used as an outdoor window covering providing a stylish alternative to outdoor shutters or awnings. This prevents sun heat from ever reaching the window pane, which helps with maintaining a cooler indoor temperature.

ZipScreen blinds are available all around Australia. Please view our Where to buy section for a detailed list of suppliers in your area

External shade blinds create a comfortable outdoor area in any season, whether you want to stay cool on hot summer days, trap the heat in the cooler months, or simply create a barrier to protect you from insects and inclement weather. Importantly, these all-weather blinds help minimise your reliance on heating and cooling by helping maintain a comfortable temperature in the sectioned off area. This means that you can reduce your energy consumption whilst helping the environment.


Minimal care needed for maintenance. Use vacuum cleaner on low power, damp cloth or feather duster.

Blackout waterproof blind

A blackout blind is a blind fabric that stops all light from passing through it however dim-out blind is a fabric that help to lower the amount of light passing through.

All product have a limited warranty of 1 year on mechanism. We will repair or replace any product due to defects so long as the product is not misused.

You can drop by our showroom to check out the samples.

Our lead time takes approximately 10-14 working days upon confirmation. Lead time may be longer during peak season.

We accept cash, cheque and online transfer. 50% deposit upon finalisation and 50% balance collected once installation complete.

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