Home Automation | Smart ZipScreen‎

Home Automation | Smart ZipScreen‎

Wondering is your ZipScreen able to integrate with smart home?

Smart home enable you to control your home devices whether you are home or away. Keep up to date, everyone go smart include how to integrate this into your home.

High performance and amazing flexible solutions with automate features integrate into ZipScreen. It can combined with other smart devices in your home.

ZipScreen is compatible with Broadlink RM pro+ or Somfy Connexoon RTS where you can control with smartphone and tablet. Its allow you to control individually, group them together into a scene or various scenes that cater to your needs with flexibility light control and privacy.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, the third party VOICE assistant allows ZipScreen connected and provide an automation function. It is Wifi-enabled so you can connect your smart phone and making your life easier.

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