Resolutions For 2020

Resolutions For 2020

A brand new year is approaching, many of us will set goals to lose weight, set a goal, or even wanting to spend more time with families. But, what’s your goal set for your house?

Home is where the heart is, the place where we gather with our families, relatives, friends and where memories are created. Here are some recommended home improvement for you to achieve this new year.

Work out how to keep your house clean

With a little planning, cleaning your house together can be an easy task. Divide the tasks and complete the tasks assigned over the week. From living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen. Last but no least, the party spaces that you gather, balcony.

Changing new blinds and curtain

There is no better way to change your home’s look with brand new window treatment. Refreshing look can be created with customisable blinds to fit your window. You can look for the popular colour, design of the year that can match your home.

Organise the stuff

Organise unused stuff and stack them neatly into shelves or storage bags. Arrange and keep related things in the same corner where it’s easier to sort through.

Get your place ready for entertaining

You can make your own entertaining area with your living balcony. Keep it shielded with your ZipScreen or outdoor blinds to keep your guest out of sun and heat in style. Besides, it will help to create a friendly, warm and cosy environment. A joyful bonding time in this festive season.

Wishing you a new year rich with the blessings of love, joy, warmth, and laughter.