ZipTrak VS ZipScreen? What’s the difference?

ZipTrak VS ZipScreen? What’s the difference?

ZipTrak VS ZipScreen? What’s the difference?

When it comes to balcony, patio and outdoor area fashion, you may be spoilt with choice between ZipScreen and Ziptrak, the most popular Australia outdoor shade. Both product’s country of origin from Australia and come with its own strengths and weaknesses.

There’s different options in mechanisms, structures and control that can make you feel overwhelmed. Let’s go through their differences for consideration before purchase.

System operation

ZipScreen focus on motorised system, neatly hidden within pelmet and the blind can be operated in a single touch. Consideration on market demand,  they had now introduce spring boosted system and crank system  for small panel instead of a usual fixed panel that is inoperable. Ziptrack features in spring balanced track system that allow blinds to be raised, lowered and stopped in any position.


The pricing of ZipScreen (motorised) and ziptrack (spring balanced system) are competitive. Both designs are similar and the quality is the best in the market.

Pano view

Despite Ziptrack being manual system, they surprisingly come with 6m width PanoView options, it is able to maintain a clear view without a pole in between when come to huge balcony. ZipScreen comes in standard widest width of 4m for each panel.


Both offers 95% or 99% Ultraviolet protection, flame retardant and excellent reduction of heat while remain the diffused natural light on their living balcony. Energy savings able to contain air conditions environment in Singapore

Both products are personalised and customisation – ideal for your property.